Our Culture

We are a culture of self-improvement; we develop employees by giving them the opportunities, challenging work and tools they need. High performing people are usually self-improving through reading, observation and experience. We build our bench strength and look to promote internally first, employees who are superstars in their roles and live out the company values (role models within the company).

  • Fun
  • Technology driven
  • Living our values
  • Open door policy
  • A lot of growth and development opportunities
  • We have fun at work
  • Inclusive
  • Everyone has each other’s backs
  • Best holiday parties
  • We celebrate milestones/each other’s successes together
  • Talented staff
  • Charitable

Top of Market Pay

Our employees are our lifeblood. Every year, we review multiple salary reports to identify top of market pay for our industry, location and revenue.  Our goal is to keep each employee at the top of market for their position. We always consider how much our employees would make if they went somewhere else, and how much we are willing to pay to keep them. 

Some employees move up in pay very quickly because their value in the market place is moving up quickly, or driven by  increasing skills and/or education. (promotions, degrees, etc.), while others stay relatively flat because their value in the marketplace has done the same.


Why Work for Alta?

  • Alta is a family so it never feels like work.
  • Integrity
  • The vision – we all work towards pieces of the overall goal. We all understand that we’re having an impact on something greater than ourselves.
  • Collaborative environment
  • A lot of team lunches
  • Flexible work time
  • Everyone has a voice and everyone has the opportunity to impact the business
  • Everyone has an ear. You can communicate with any member of the team without feeling intimidated.
  • Great benefits
  • Awesome office
  • Office stocked with snacks, coffee, la croix

What makes Alta different from our competitors?

  • Technology driven
  • Growth and development opportunities
  • Always trying to improve ourselves
  • Innovative
  • We embrace change
  • We provide employees the tools to succeed
  • Proactive
  • Problem solvers
  • Collaboration with our clients
  • Diverse clients
  • We travel nation wide
  • Customer centric – personal with our clients. A lot of face time with our clients.

Our Values