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Bluebeam Construction Software

Bluebeam Construction Software

Many times, it’s important for professionals across multiple teams to see building designs, estimates and logistics plans before construction begins. Staying organized on the job can be troublesome without the proper tools, so Alta Construction tackles your commercial building efforts the right way with Bluebeam.

As one of the leading construction software solutions in the field, Bluebeam makes your life easier by serving as a central database for drawings, documents and submittals you can view from anywhere on your mobile device.

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bluebeam construction software

What Is Bluebeam Software for Construction?

Consider Bluebeam construction software the ultimate way to store data, drawings and files. This technology sees frequent use by contractors and architects, as the platform streamlines the process of sending information to multiple people.

Users are free to submit and review details relating to new construction in real time from a smartphone, tablet or computer, connecting departments for transparency and speed of communication.

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The Target Audience for Bluebeam Software

The uses for Bluebeam software are widespread, which is why it’s common for the following groups to integrate the software into daily routines:

Opening communication between teams gives you the opportunity to accelerate the design and construction processes as well as hold others accountable for jobs completed.

How Bluebeam Enhances Your Workflow

The following are a few of the many Bluebeam functions Alta Construction uses to streamline performance.

1. Drawing and Document Management Software

Bluebeam software is effective for managing projects in the cloud. Others can access, review and edit pages crucial for success. Stay in tune with the latest changes about a project without scavenging through emails.

2. Building Design Reviews

Collaborating with workers on-site is a huge part of improving efficiency and quality control. Alta Construction helps you stop roadblocks. Workers can edit documents using Bluebeam Revu® — a subscription package giving you access to custom markup tools and saving options for convenience.

3. Bluebeam Estimating Software

Keep your estimates as realistic as possible thanks to PDF markup and measurement features. Bluebeam estimating software informs teams about the scope of your project as well as measurements while drawings are in the works. Professionals can create together simultaneously and export data to additional programs.

Alta Construction relies on Bluebeam estimating software to total up your measurements and expedite your takeoff process without cutting corners.

4. Site Logistics

Take a look at site logistics plans at any time from your current location. No matter the complexity of your job site, workers are able to generate, organize and share plans with stakeholders.

Know that your site logistics data is cloud-based, making it possible to review data from your desktop or mobile device. View updates about worker placement and materials from a single portal.

5. Project Handover Software

Gather and complete all of the closeout documents necessary (post-construction) in an organized format. Alta Construction uses Bluebeam software for digital record-keeping. Access information about your new building from initial design through completion via hyperlinks and PDF files.

Benefits You Can See Thanks to Bluebeam Software

Alta Construction wants all of your commercial construction projects to go as planned. We accomplish this by keeping a close watch on the latest construction management software for your needs.

See the advantages below once Alta Construction integrates Bluebeam into your workflow:

  • Expedite project timelines: See fewer complications throughout a building or renovation job with all of your project documents accessible from a mobile device. Real-time updates keep workers in the know.
  • Improve team communication: Whether you’re in an office or stepping foot on-site, you have the ability to send updates effortlessly with markup and measurement tools.
  • Eliminate physical paperwork: Stop sorting through paper documents that can get lost. With Bluebeam, you know what you’re looking at is the most up-to-date version.
  • Enable worker mobility: Bluebeam exists as a mobile application you can update from anywhere. The days of being stuck in an office emailing documents are long gone.

Reasons to Choose Alta Construction

The professionals at Alta Construction take care of your commercial building job from beginning to end. We experiment with the newest software on the market so you know what’s worth using. From the moment we begin our partnership, expect us to help you move through design, preconstruction, budgeting and project management processes for peace of mind.

We have a wide service area covering parts of California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Pennsylvania, Texas, New York and New Jersey, so we’re ready to tackle multistate projects year-round.

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Our team looks forward to helping you bring a new commercial structure or renovation to life. For details about Bluebeam construction software integrations or to start your partnership with us, please contact us online today.