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Big Box Retail

Big Box Retail

If you plan on building a new big box retail store, remodeling one for tenant improvement or renovating a building to attract new leaseholders, we can manage the entire process. At Alta Construction, we provide superior commercial retail construction services across multiple states nationwide, including dedicated big box retail construction. As full-service general contractors, we can handle every step of big box retail construction from concept to creation. Let our team make your vision a reality.

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Your Full-Service Big Box Retail Construction Services Provider

We provide start-to-finish solutions and strive to make the entire big box retail construction process simple, whether you’re building out a new location or transforming an existing one.

Our big box retail construction services cover:

  • Comprehensive designOur design team can take your vision and create a design that meets all your specifications and the local building requirements.
  • PreconstructionWe can walk you through the complete preconstruction process, starting with budgeting and project scheduling.
  • Contractor managementAs your full-service retail store construction general contractor, we’ll take care of finding all the right subcontractors for the trade work and other specialized tasks.
  • Project oversightOnce you partner with us, you can sit back and relax and not have to worry about project management. Our team will manage each project phase to ensure speed, quality and consistency through completion.

We also offer design-build services as a complete package. With this solution, we will control the entire project. We will streamline the process and provide you with a single point of contact. They will be easy to reach if you have questions, need to make changes or would like to get an update.

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Store Construction, Remodeling and Tenant Improvement Contractors

Whether you are planning a complete retail store construction, remodel, expansion or improvements for a new tenant, we are the general contractors to call. Our extensive retail construction expertise and immense experience with retail remodeling and renovations make us the ideal turnkey company for your big box store construction needs. We provide:

  • Layout design: We will optimize the layout and design of your store to ensure the best use of the space for the type of establishment.
  • Structural alterations: Whether you’re adding offices, creating storage facilities or expanding the retail space, we have the knowledge needed to make additions and changes without compromising the structure’s integrity.
  • Infrastructure upgrades: When new tenants come in, electrical, lighting, HVAC and plumbing upgrades may be required, all of which Alta Construction can handle for you.
  • Technology integrations: From advanced checkout systems to state-of-the-art smart store capabilities, we can facilitate technology integration at all levels.
  • Safety enhancements: Our team of experts can design and modify your retail space to enhance emergency evacuation routes, fire safety improvements and access control systems.
  • Food service installations: We will construct, remodel and upgrade store interiors to make them suitable for food preparation and dining.
  • Compliance adjustments: Our professionals ensure your store complies with local building regulations and standards and meets public accessibility requirements.

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Learn more about our products and services by speaking to our team. Our experts will show you everything we offer and provide you with a customized quote based on your project goals. Reach out today through our contact form, and we’ll be in touch soon.

What Sets Alta Construction Apart?

At Alta Construction, our firm specializes in working on commercial spaces. We are a licensed general contractor providing big box retail construction services in California, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania and several other states. We are also a certified Minority Business Enterprise.

Our team uses skill, expertise and cutting-edge technologies to develop creative solutions that will meet challenging demands and represent your brand in just the right way. We also utilize the industry’s best project management software solutions to control the project, and we’ll keep you informed at every step.

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