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Preconstruction Budgeting

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Preconstruction Budgeting

With any commercial construction project, it’s critical to develop a budget before getting started. It’s equally important to ensure you stick to that plan along the way, or you’ll risk unexpected costs, potential financing challenges and other obstacles.

At Alta Construction, we help you plan for success from the beginning with professional construction budget services from an expert team. We have the skills, experience and resources to help you forecast all the expenses involved in your build from beginning to completion.

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What Do Construction Budget Services Cover?

Preconstruction budgeting is a step you should take early in the building process — typically once you have created a design and working plans. A budget is not a bid. Instead, it’s an estimation of what you can expect to pay based on project specifications, current market rates and past costs for performing similar work on comparable spaces. Bids come later when it’s time to get started.

A thorough preconstruction budget will cover all potential costs involved in project completion, with line items varying by design. In most cases, a budget will include spaces for:

  • Administrative costs. This area covers any required permitting, pre-construction costs, additional design costs and engineering fees involved.
  • Site preparation. Preparation includes controlled demolition of existing fixtures and structures, plus debris removal and disposal.
  • Materials. This category is for all the materials and supplies needed to complete the build and any other necessary job site equipment.
  • Project labor. A budget will predict all the labor expenses involved for the project from start to finish, including the subcontractor costs.

In most cases, you’ll want to factor in other costs before breaking ground. Our team will help you uncover them to avoid any surprises.

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