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Cannabis Facility Construction

Cannabis Facility Construction

Alta Construction offers professional cannabis construction services. We handle projects of different sizes, such as cannabis facility design, new builds, remodels, repairs and renovations. As a cannabis contractor, we follow industry-related guidelines and work with cannabis design build projects from start to finish.

Our firm can accomplish any cannabis construction project you have in mind. Learn more about our cannabis facility construction in Corona and across the nation.

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Cannabis Facility Design

Cannabis Construction Services You Can Trust

Our construction firm offers start-to-finish construction services for cannabis construction.

Our highlighted cannabis construction services include:

  • Work design: You give us your idea and we work with it. We will come back to you with a plan to actualize your vision.
  • Preconstruction budgeting: We create a tentative budget for supplies and labor. We meet with you to discuss your finances and get your input on the process.
  • Subcontractor selection: We source and research qualified cannabis general contractors who can meet our project standards.
  • Project management: We have experts who supervise every step of the project, including material allocation and finances, to stay within the timeline and budget.

Our services are ideal for cannabis construction. We can help you take an idea and turn it into a final product.

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Why Choose Alta Construction As Your Cannabis Contractor?

We are experienced cannabis general contractors that work in a wide variety of industries. Through open communication and planning, we create a partnership that lasts past the project’s duration.

When you work with us for cannabis facility construction, you get:

  • An experienced team: We have worked in numerous industries and with businesses of all sizes. We hire trusted individuals to effectively complete each project.
  • Dedicated support: Our goal is to build lasting relationships with every client. Many of our existing clients return to us the next time they need to complete a project.
  • Software access: We set ourselves apart with regularly updated software, including programs like Procore, Raken and BuildingConnected and Matterport. You can see where your project stands and keep up with any changes.

We value transparent communication with every single client. We go beyond the cannabis facility construction services to give you a thoughtful experience that will help you feel confident in our completed work.

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Alta Construction works with you to actualize your cannabis construction goals. We are a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and licensed general contractor. We can handle any construction project you have in mind.

We have offices in New York and California and work with businesses across the nation. If your company needs general construction services, we can help. Contact us online to request a quote or consultation today to get started with cannabis facility construction.

FAQ’s About Cannabis Facility Construction

What Is the Right Amount of Engagement Through the Cannabis Construction Process?

You and the parties bringing your project to life must be on the same page before, during and after construction stops. You might have expectations for a contractor working on a new cannabis construction project, but it’s important to outline these points ahead of time. Effective project management strategies are essential.

The contract for your cannabis building should state expectations for a work schedule, construction updates, notifications about issues and worker compensation. Working with professionals who rely on industry-leading technologies makes it simple to stay in the loop. Maintaining open communication during cannabis facility construction is achievable and allows you to see your vision through while staying in the know 24/7/365.

The experts at Alta Construction will explain your options for Raken, Procore, BlueBeam, BuildingConnected and Matterport software to stay up to date with the information you want to know.

How Long Does It Take to Construct a Cannabis Facility?

The timeline for cannabis facility construction depends on several factors. This specialized structure is necessary for a growing industry in which there is no set template builders must follow. It takes experienced professionals to design a purpose-built facility from the ground up. For example, planning an HVAC setup appropriate for cannabis-related operations can take months, based on the scale of the project.

Working with a team that has a grasp on local zoning laws and the environmental conditions needed to support your endeavors goes a long way. Whether you want to build a cannabis facility design from scratch or remodel an existing structure, know that constructing a cannabis facility requires time and attention to detail.

It’s vital you have a clear vision of what you hope to accomplish with your cannabis facility. Understanding the type of business you’ll run and the products you’ll carry influences the building timeline. Your operations may call for specialized lighting, temperature control systems and several rooms.

Once the Cannabis Cultivation Facility Is Complete, What Does Contractor Involvement Look Like?

Your cannabis contractor completes a post-construction walkthrough once the project concludes. A final walkthrough gives the contractor one last chance to catch anything that their team or another party should have handled based on the signed contract. All specifications from the initial design are reviewed to verify the final structure is safe, functional and structurally sound.

Your project’s designer signs a Certificate of Substantial Completion to indicate the cannabis facility complies with the regulations and permits of your location. Your local government will generate a Certificate of Occupancy, deeming the structure safe for you to use.

The relationship between you and the contractor continues for some time after the turnover phase. Contractors will provide you with the blueprints and any applicable manuals to ensure you are comfortable using and operating systems integral to the structure.

Your contractor will return seasonally to check that your facility lives up to expectations alongside temperature shifts. A final review is performed a year after your building project is complete to see if changes are needed.