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BuildingConnected Software

BuildingConnected Software

Reaching out to qualified professionals for a construction job can feel intimidating. However, this is only the case when the right analytics and networking tools are out of the picture. Here at Alta Construction, we believe in streamlining the client and contractor bidding process so assignments go according to plan.

Count on us to introduce you to BuildingConnected software to settle on the right arrangement. Whether you’re in need of a new commercial building or want to make changes to an existing space, BuildingConnected is a valuable resource for you.

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building connected software

About BuildingConnected Construction Technology

BuildingConnected is a user-focused software that keeps you organized during the preconstruction phase. Alta Construction integrates the technology into our workflow, as the platform enables us to link property owners with experienced builders for a job well done.

This software is excellent for monitoring risk and communicating with construction experts in real time. To date, more than 1 million construction professionals have explored new partnerships through BuildingConnected. From getting discovered to winning bids, BuildingConnected software is crucial for your success.

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Who Should Be Using BuildingConnected Software?

Alta Construction recommends BuildingConnected to anyone seeking help with building jobs. Rather than spending hours cold-calling general contractors and subcontractors, you can reach out to multiple parties through one outlet.

We work with you to understand bid and risk management as well as opportunity tracking via BuildingConnected. Maybe you have several building projects going on at once — Alta Construction streamlines the contractor selection process so you get the work done for a competitive price.

Best Features of BuildingConnected

We use BuildingConnected software for these valuable features.

1. Bid Leveling Software Capabilities

You’re free to make custom bid boards for your proposals. Enter values and share bid versions with other members of your team to evaluate competitive offers. Seeing bids side by side saves you from searching your email inbox to shop for contractors — BuildingConnected is the ultimate bid tracker tool.

2. Stakeholder Messaging

Keeping those dependent on your success in the loop is simple with BuildingConnected. You can send messages to stakeholders and contractors so that all individuals are on the same page regarding the scope of your project. Working from the same calendar is achievable using this platform too.

3. Review Contractor Qualifications

Deciding whether or not a general contracting team can fulfill your needs helps with risk mitigation. Thanks to BuildingConnect, you can recognize the best risk analysis practices to maximize your bottom line. View risk mitigation suggestions within the app to make appropriate decisions.

4. Look for Contractors in New Locations

Discover qualified contractors using accurate search filters within the BuildingConnected app. Identify where certain contractors are willing to drive to take on a job. Alta Construction enjoys using the BuildingConnected platform, as you can filter results according to trade and labor requirements. The app suggests which contractors are preferred based on legitimate experiences.

5. Evaluating Takeoff Costs

See how much it will cost to get your project off the ground. BuildingConnected can be used to generate estimates throughout the bidding, material purchasing and measurement phases. Learn the scope of your project long before it’s time to cover the bills.

Advantages of BuildingConnected Software

See the following benefits of BuildingConnected software when you make the right choice for your next assignment and team up with us:

  • Versatile application: Explore the subcontractor network, evaluate risks surrounding your work and keep track of construction bids using a single tool.
  • Real-time updates and communication: Any changes made within the BuildingConnected app can be seen by departments in real time. Eliminate confusion about which data is up to date.
  • Large number of contractors: You’ll find over 1 million professionals in the BuildingConnected network.
  • Faster decision-making: See all the details you need to make your decision, including overall ratings and success histories, before selecting your contractor.

Alta Construction Is the Right Choice for You

Alta Construction has years of experience in the construction world. We dedicate our time to finding the best software and approaches for commercial projects so you don’t have to. Few construction firms in the industry assist you through all the steps of a job from the initial designs to the final results as we do.

We remain transparent with you throughout our partnership and will help you oversee building projects in locations throughout the United States when needed. Know where your projects stand at any given time.

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Alta Construction will introduce you to the latest BuildingConnected features. Fill out our contact form online to learn more about how we can assist you.