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Raken Construction Software

Raken Construction Software

Staying in the know during a commercial construction project is important. With the right software, you have the opportunity to track building progress and open communication between teams.

Raken construction software is cutting-edge technology we use here at Alta Construction. Updating project timelines, reporting completed jobs and mitigating risks are just a few uses of Raken construction software that allow us to stay productive and meet your deadlines.

Utilize Raken With Alta Construction

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What Is Raken?

Raken is a mobile app and cloud-based software that lets construction workers document building progress. You can think of the technology as a way for experts to log daily construction reports so that you can make educated decisions about commercial structures.

Thousands of contractors rely on Raken to monitor job site data on the regular. The goal behind the Raken application is to eliminate the need for recording job site information by hand or repeatedly. Using one app, construction teams can upload photos, type out notes and attach files for others to view on the go.

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Who Uses the Raken App?

The Raken app is appealing to contractors in all industries. Everyone from general contractors and mechanical contractors to electrical and concrete workers depends on Raken construction software for real-time field reporting. Keeping multiple departments in touch is possible through this one-of-a-kind app.

Top Features of Raken Construction Software

The following features are part of what makes Raken so useful.

1. Daily Construction Reporting

Alta Construction relies on the Raken app for maximum oversight of construction projects. We collect the complete picture of your commercial structure to identify which teams completed tasks where and when. We keep workers accountable by requesting a digital signature with each digital report.

2. Construction Material Tracking Software

Contractors have the ability to enter how many materials were used throughout the workday using Raken, providing a great way to stay up to date with inventory and productivity. Alta Construction uses this function to determine when to order additional materials and when items can be returned for cost savings.

3. Checklists for Construction Tasks

Workers can follow checklists from remote sites to ensure the correct safety protocols are in place. The program offers opportunities to enter preestablished questions for teams to fill out prior to starting a task.

4. Contractor Time Cards

Raken makes it easier to stay in tune with worker schedules and compensation. Budgeting work hours across multiple teams is efficient, as Alta Construction eliminates confusion caused by paper time cards.

5. Messaging Between Teams

Alta Construction eliminates hurdles during your commercial building project by being able to communicate with individuals instantly. We can collaborate, troubleshoot and send updates to you via one platform.

Benefits of Alta Construction Using the Raken App

Alta Construction is with you through every step of your retail or commercial building project. As a full-service construction firm committed to using the latest technology for efficiency, we’ve taken our time to fully understand the capabilities of the Raken app so that you see these benefits:

  • Limited physical paperwork: Alta Construction keeps track of digital reports with Raken construction software. The days of scrambling through dozens of physical documents to find what you need are over.
  • Simple data collection: We gather data related to your project in a way that is neat and easy to read.
  • Better safety culture: Thanks to checklists, professionals working on your building project will be reminded about the equipment and protocols necessary for working through certain tasks.
  • Increased bottom line: The Raken app allows users to see site progress in real time so you can make data-backed decisions that keep your team profitable.

Why Partner With Alta Construction for Your Construction Projects?

At Alta Construction, we’re dedicated to meeting your needs and expectations. We understand there are many moving parts to every construction job, so we assist you through everything from choosing contractors for the work and project management to budgeting for the assignment.

We keep our positive reputation in the industry by relying on the best resources in the field for visibility over all aspects of a build or renovation job. Although our headquarters is in California and we have an office in New York City, we stand out from the competition by being licensed to work in other states such as Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Texas, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Talk to Us About Your Commercial Building Job Today

The team at Alta Construction makes your construction vision a reality. We’re here for you with design, budgeting and building services to make sure your commercial structure is built correctly and up to code.

To learn more about the Raken construction software we use or how we can help you, contact Alta Construction today.