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Matterport is a new construction technology that’s blazing a trail for 3D space capture applications. This comprehensive platform transforms building spaces into digital twin models that bring the design to life. It allows you to get the feel of a building layout without being there. Many architectural, engineering and construction professionals are integrating this revolutionary concept into their building information modeling (BIM) processes.

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How Does Matterport Technology Work?

Matterport technology consists of an intuitive artificial intelligence (AI) platform that converts scans into interactive 3D models. The AI can combine scans and stitch them together, reconstructing the space into an immersive virtual tour that adds depth to the design.

To utilize Matterport for construction, connect your 3D camera, 360-degree spherical camera, lidar camera or even your mobile device and scan your space. The Matterport app will transform your space into a 3D design you can share with other team members, making it an excellent collaboration tool.

What Are the Benefits of Using Matterport For Construction?

Matterport’s 3D camera for construction offers a host of benefits:

  • Unmatched quality: Matterport 3D models provide unparalleled precision and detail. You’ll get a more realistic digital experience you can’t replicate with other modeling tools. As a construction, engineering or design professional, you’ll be able to optimize your project results and provide better service to your clients.
  • Ease of use: Using Matterport doesn’t require extensive experience or technical expertise. The automated processing and functionality simplify the process. The intuitive Matterport capture app lets you scan and edit your images and create a sharp, detailed 3D model you can share via email or social media or embed on a website.
  • Seamless integration: If you’re an architecture or engineering professional, you’ll appreciate the way Matterport can streamline your design and modeling processes. The platform integrates with your existing software, whether you use AutoCAD, Revit or other popular BIM solutions.
  • Enhanced collaboration: The shareability of Matterport technology fosters collaboration and teamwork. You’ll be able to receive input and feedback from all partners, resulting in more efficient management and faster project completion times.
  • Improved facilities management capabilities: If you’re a facilities manager, Matterport software offers a reliable solution for surveying your buildings. You’ll be able to monitor conditions and manage your maintenance practices more effectively. You can also access critical building intelligence to create a more practical, efficient layout. You’ll likely experience substantial savings on your site surveying and as-built modeling expenses, too.

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Do you want to experience the advantages of using the revolutionary Matterport spatial data platform for your next project? Alta Construction can help. We know how to apply this technology to achieve optimal results in various architecture, engineering and construction applications.

As a sophisticated construction company, Alta focuses on delivering higher quality through enhanced communication and transparency and implementing a partnership approach. We’re also licensed in several states, enabling us to assist clients that operate multiple facilities.

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FAQ’s About Matterport Technology

Does Matterport’s 3D Camera For Construction Use LiDAR-Capable Cameras?

Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) cameras use laser-scanning technology to generate accurate 3D representations of environments. Some cameras on the market feature built-in LiDAR technology, so there is no need to use a separate scanner for modeling.

The Pro3 3D Camera is the first of its kind by Matterport. This model is the brand’s first 3D LiDAR Camera you can use to record information about indoor and outdoor environments in moments. Stay ready for anything with an incredibly accurate device for building. The Pro3 is an upgrade from the previous Pro2 Camera offered by Matterport. Use the Pro3 3D Camera to capture dim or bright environments in outstanding detail.

Matterport’s Pro3 3D Camera enables you to work for hours without hauling heavy scanning equipment. Record millions of measurements in diverse conditions with a camera engineered for portability. Select Pro3 3D Cameras will scan a maximum range of 100 meters.

Does Matterport Technology Handle Floor Plans?

Matterport allows you to create schematic floor plans making it easy to visualize any given space. Make a floor plan from scratch using the cloud-based platform. You can make construction, sales and contracting decisions quickly with a resource great for assessing measurements and exploring how room layouts will work together.

Matterport floor plans can be generated using 360-degree, Pro-series and iOS and Android smartphone cameras. The cloud-based platform delivers floor plans in 48 hours or less, depending on the size of the space. You will receive a ZIP file containing PNG and PDF versions of the floor plan you can use for your operations. Any rooms or spaces you leave out of the scan will be omitted from the area calculation.

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