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  • Nancee Wiemer

    To Anyone Looking for a General Contractor they can count on, Alta Construction is one of the best General Contractors I have worked with for the last 15 years. I have worked with many. The team of people that work for Alta plus Owners are always accessible and available for any discussion at anytime.

    In my experience with Alta, they do not mind working weekends and nights since our remodels are always done while we are still running our business daily Monday thru Friday. Anyone who selects Alta as their GC will not be disappointed and they will be more than pleased to make sure the job site is kept very clean.

    Nancee Wiemer
    Former SR Vice President Operations for Premier Business Centers (Retired December 2017)
  • Carol Miller
    Since starting with Bloomingdale’s 6 years ago, I’ve had the pleasure to work with Alta Construction Inc. on various projects from major store remodels to small vendor shop installations. I would like to go on record to say that you will not find a more accommodating and professional group of people that not only takes pride in their finished work product but also makes sure that the entire process leading up to that runs efficiently and smoothly. It’s not often that you can find a contractor that makes your job easier. I’ve found mine. Thank you Alta for all your help these past years.
    Carol Miller
    Director of Store Planning , Bloomingdale’s
  • Betty H. Siwy
    I have worked with the Alta Construction team for nearly 8 years and it has been great! Everyone is professional, knowledgeable, and very accommodating. When we’ve needed quick budgetary proposals for projects, even on short notice, they’ve delivered. When we’ve had any issues during construction, they take charge and provide "peace of mind" that they will handle the problems, and they do! When we needed work done quickly to meet deadlines, they’ve been able to pull through. I love working with the team and highly recommend Alta Construction.
    Betty H. Siwy
    Eastwood Realty