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Alta Construction is a professional cafe contractor. We work with coffee businesses of all sizes for projects like new coffee shop building construction, remodeling and repairs. Our coffee shop construction services are founded on open communication and comprehensive problem-solving for the best product possible.

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Our Professional Café Construction Services

Alta Construction offers a range of services to cover a project from start to finish. Some of our project services include:

  • Work design: We take your coffee shop plans and turn it into a strategy and construction plan.
  • Preconstruction budgeting: We work with you to create a budget beforehand. We cover materials and labor and get your input on pricing.
  • Design-build: Our design-build services are all-encompassing and cover every part of the project. They are the most efficient way to plan a construction job.
  • Project management: We provide qualified managers to oversee the entire process, including subcontractor supervision and material allocation, to stay on time and within budget.

You get every service you need from one location when you work with us. Choose Alta Construction to make your coffee shop plans come to life.

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How Alta Construction Sets Itself Apart

Our firm prioritizes open communication and transparent service. We use construction software such as Matterport, Procore, Raken and BuildingConnected so you can monitor what stage your project is in at any time.

Our coffee shop building services are:

  • Trustworthy: We only work with qualified individuals, and we communicate updates and changes as they occur.
  • Lasting: Our goal is to create a lasting relationship with every client.
  • Experienced: Our firm has worked in various industries and helped others bring their construction goals to life.

Our services can elevate your coffee shop project and give you the desired results.

Why Choose Alta?

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Alta Construction can streamline your project and bring your coffee shop to life. We are a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) with office locations in New York and California. If you are ready to open up, remodel or repair a coffee shop, you can experience our benefits firsthand when you work with us.

Contact us online for a quote or consultation and start your coffee business construction project today.

Coffee Shop Construction Frequently Asked Questions

Coffee shops provide a space for people to relax or work while enjoying a beverage and snack. If you want to add a coffee shop to an existing construction project or build a stand-alone shop, you may have a few questions about the process.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Coffee Shop?

The cost of construction varies based on several factors. One critical factor is the coffee shop’s size and coffee shop design. A cafe with seating will often cost more to build than a smaller location that offers takeout coffee and snacks only.

The types of food and drink that the cafe will carry also influences the price of construction. If the owner only wants to serve drinks and pre-packaged snacks, they will only need a partial kitchen, making the cost of construction lower. If they plan on baking snacks or offering sandwiches or small meals, you’ll need to plan for a larger kitchen space.

When you work with us as the coffee shop owner, we’ll help you develop a budget and decide what features the coffee shop needs to have.

Can You Build Office Building Coffee Shops?

A coffee shop in an office building provides workers with a place to get a mid-day pick-me-up or meet with clients. If you’re planning an office building, incorporating a coffee shop into the building’s design can be worthwhile. Another option is to add a coffee shop to an existing office building to make it more attractive to current and future tenants. We can help you design a coffee shop that fits into a new or existing office building.

What Percentage of Startup Capital Should Be for the Construction of the Coffee Shop?

You’ll have multiple expenses when opening a coffee shop, from advertising the new business to purchasing equipment to hiring baristas and managers. You’ll need to allocate your startup capital wisely to make the most of it. How much of your startup capital you should spend on construction depends on your expected income from the new cafe and the cost of your other expenses.

Generally, you don’t want to spend all of your capital on the construction but should be prepared to have a considerable amount of your cash go toward the project. We’ll work with you to develop a budget and help you get a better understanding of the portion of your capital that should go toward construction versus other startup costs.