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Procore Construction Management Software

Procore Construction Management Software

In the construction world, it’s vital to budget so that you can maximize your bottom line. This is easier said than done, but with Alta Construction, you get the peace of mind of knowing we’ve integrated specialized management software into our workflow.

Our professionals use Procore construction management software to keep a close watch on spending throughout commercial building jobs. Ensure building progress is moving smoothly while mitigating unwanted financial risks.

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procore construction software

What Is Procore Software?

Procore is a construction management tool that streamlines the budgeting and spending processes. The goal of the software is to simplify responsibilities from initial bidding through closeout.

Whether it’s time for you to purchase materials, hire contractors or explore insurance options for a building job, Procore construction management software helps you do so without guesswork.

Get Started With Procore

A User-Friendly Software for Various Professionals

Alta Construction uses Procore to help you manage every dollar in your budget for a new commercial building or renovation. This innovative platform is excellent for communicating data-driven reports with different departments, stakeholders and leaders behind your project. Protecting your margins is easier than ever thanks to Procore’s feature that allows you, general contractors and public agencies to send updates remotely.

Construction Management With Impressive Features

Our experts will explain how to use Procore to regulate spending from multiple angles.

1. Preconstruction Assistance

Alta Construction recommends Procore to oversee building designs, bids and budgets throughout the preconstruction phase. Whether you’d like to organize a bid package or focus on the scope of your project, it’s possible from a single platform.

Send and analyze bids for several jobs in minutes. Use Procore as a bidding software to loop in several teams and review bids with side-by-side comparisons.

2. Project Management Functionality

Allow crews to communicate with individuals in your main office. The project management tools within the Procore software are useful for keeping expectations in check and preventing repeat work. Sidestep surprises in the field with the ability to update your budget to select the right people and materials for the work.

Procore software is essential for monitoring financials throughout project execution.

3. Workforce Planning Functions

You can assess cloud-based worker schedules at your fingertips. Review your budget within the application and work with Alta Construction to hire contractors and shift workers around as needed. Procore can be used as a resource to review certifications and skill sets to help your construction job come to life.

4. Invoice Management

Alta Construction assists you in viewing up-to-date invoices. Keep accounting information secure in one place for routing and approvals. Eliminate billing delays and ensure teams see payments when expected. There is zero need to hunt through emails and spreadsheets — it’s all there for you in Procore.

5. Construction Intelligence Data

Accumulate data around your construction efforts that you can transform into helpful insights. Forecast spending based on previous patterns. Visualizing your construction spending data lets you plan ahead based on concrete numbers rather than gut feelings.

Advantages of Using Procore Construction Management Software

There are several reasons Alta Construction chooses Procore for financial planning tasks:

  • Reduce financial risks: See where project funds are going at any time. You can make changes to plans for construction orders and staffing right within the Procore interactive software.
  • Take control during preconstruction: Review building designs, bids, budgets and estimates with Procore tools before your project takes off. Alta Construction sets you up for success.
  • Bridge the office and field gap: Connect teams working on your building with administrators in your location. Procore software is effective for managing projects from anywhere with real-time visibility.
  • Communicate with stakeholders: Alta Construction utilizes cutting-edge software so that projects move according to schedule. Send financial insights to your stakeholders for transparency.

Make the Right Choice by Partnering With Alta Construction for Projects

Alta Construction is unlike competitors in our industry. We take a sophisticated approach to your construction efforts using an assortment of tools to fulfill your needs. Our full-service construction firm walks you through every stage of construction — including preconstruction, budgeting and contractor selection phases so your building or renovation job starts off on the right note.

Our team specializes in creating high-end retail stores and commercial spaces — and we have the project gallery to prove our results. We also hold licenses to operate in several states throughout the country.

Get in Touch With Alta Construction for Details

Alta Construction offers several commercial building services for your convenience. We’ll tell you more about how we keep you connected via Procore construction management software when you reach out to us for more information.